Marie is a sweet and modest but very capable energy worker who is prepared to share her gifts and insights with you.- Garsett L (Trance Channel Reading)


Marie was wonderfully kind and sent me a message very quickly. This is a great service and I really enjoyed getting her message. I highly recommend it! – Ciara S (Reading)


Wow. Completely blown away by Marie and her skills and talents. I received such clarity in a space that’s honest, nonjudgmental and has so much love. I’ve been around psychics for years, and this has been the first time I’ve felt safe to ask core questions. Marie is such a lovely person and I’m so grateful to get this opportunity. Thank you Marie!!!! – Wendy W (Trance Channel Reading)


Great reading! She picked up exactly what’s going on in my life :)- Lucy L (Reading)


Marie is talented and she is generous in her gift and giving! Thank you! – Cheryle K (Reading)


Awesome reader, answered all my questions – Very accurate with everything – Thank you very much  ♥️ – Lourdes B (Reading)


The Tarot card reading Marie did for me was spot on. I really appreciate her perspective that the readings simply reinforce what you already know in your own intuition. Marie is wonderful! – Kathryn L (Reading)


Marie is FANTASTIC! She goes the extra mile. – Kim T (Reading)


Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for this reading . You’ve given me hope I truly appreciate you doing this reading for me . Again thank you so much – Paulina P (Reading)


I couldn’t have said this anymore clearer than what you have written here, it is exactly what is going on in my life…. Blessings, i really appreciate all the help – Wanda P (Reading)




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