I am very pleased to share an article and meditation from my dear friend Jill whose words and positive outlook on things rub off on people who meet her and read her words. I hope this resonates with you and helps you along your path to Abundance:





We are all trying to move forward and want to make our hopes and wishes come true.  Have you ever tried cosmic ordering or manifesting your dreams but negativity seems to rear its head-or you just don’t feel it will ever happen as you hoped?  I have this problem and have found what is needed recently to be able to keep believing in my ability to manifest what I want in life.  There are those people who are just naturally optimistic and have self belief but for the rest of us that demon that we just aren’t good enough to deserve the good things in our lives keeps us from achieving our goals.  I believe that the angels are around us, helping us, when we ask them to.  I also believe that what you give out you get back and that is negativity (even if it is just not believing you deserve) or positivity-and the angels seem to reward us when we are giving in some way.  I have had financial difficulties like many others and want to give to others that need it and are more desperate than I am.  I feel I cannot give my last penny as I will be stuck for food myself but talking to someone who did just that -helped someone homeless in the street and then went to spend her last few pennies/dimes in a cafe  and was feeling she shouldn’t have done that.  She sat in the window of the coffee shop and ate her meal-a little worried she would wish she hadn’t later.  Then her old friend who she hadn’t seen in ages suddenly appeared and came in for a coffee.  On the way out he paid for her meal-and she suddenly felt so blessed.  Also it seems that we are helped as we help and get what we need just at the right time  and I feel I can put my trust and faith in the universe/angels to give me what I need when I need it. I have spent most of my life believing I am lucky if I get things going right for me-but now I believe we are meant to be ok and and meant to come into contact with those who help us and if we help others’ we seem to just be given more.  So its a win win situation really, I feel. I feel we are meant to feel worthy of good happening to us and I also feel that giving up the control I have tried to have on my situations in life actually brings more of what I am meant to have to me.  When I release control or give it up to the angels/universe I actually seem to invite success and happiness in-it really does work!  I know for one that I will stop myself each day when I start to worry and try to take control-as mainly things go pear shaped when I do and its when I just let the angels guide me and don’t worry that I get the right things coming towards me. Its easier too if I put my trust in the angels/universe as my stress levels are brought down from less fear and worry.
If you believe in angels like I do but don’t know how to ask for what you want here is the way I do it;-
Sit quietly with eyes closed, imagine pure white light from above coming down and through the top of your head through all of your body and covering the outside of your body (your aura), ask (silently or out loud) for your main angel  to be with you.  You may imagine them however you feel they should look and you may feel your skin tingle or any other slight feelings of touch around you,  If you feel nothing-it doesn’t matter just believe that they are there and they will be with you. Ask for your angel to help you in any way you need help (nothing is too small or big to ask for) and ask for them to give you signs that they are working on this.  Then look for sign that maybe other people coming in to your life or a meeting with a stranger who talks about things you are asking the angels for help with.  Or it may be a sign such as words anywhere (on a bill board, car reg plate, the newspaper, a book, notice board or anywhere that reminds you of your situation)  You will be amazed at what happens.  I remember feeling down on myself about what other people in my close circle of family and friends though about me.  I was walking down the street and a drunken, dishevelled man said to me as I passed him, “Don’t let any one tell you are not a wonderful person-you are -they just don’t see it” And even though he wasn’t really thinking of me as he didn’t know me it was all I needed to here to make me feel better!  When I was a teenager I was down on myself as I thought that my friends were so together and I felt so different to them (in those days I needed to feel the same as them-not different).  I sat with the tv on and it was a church with a minister giving a sermon.  It wasn’t something I ever watched but I heard the words “God loves us all for the imperfect person we are and because we are individual and different but all of us are his children” I was shocked because it was an immediate answer to the question I had thought a minute before! I certainly have never forgotten how that guidance came to me. Hope you all find your way to true happiness in life.


Jill Robson – Professional Psychic and Empath



Thought for the Day – Energy and Thoughts – Law of Attraction

I am delighted to share another tip from one of my friends and mentors Carolyn Shilt. She has much experience and so much to share in Spiritual and Psychic development that I believe will help many people on their spiritual or psychic journey:



Thought for the Day – Energy and Thoughts – Law of Attraction


THOUGHT FOR THE DAYplasma-933577_640

IN THE FIELD OF ENERGY…LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE or disLIKE ATTRACTS disLIKE. So, if you have a bad situation going on in your life and you keep thinking about how bad it is…it will continue to BE bad. Because you are telling the universe that is what you expect.

Everything around you has energy in it…your thoughts are living things and they carry energy. Hating something….ties you to it! Change that by loving the things you have and being grateful for them. Every thought you have holds energy. Visualize perfect peace and harmony in your life. It may take a little time to change the energy field you have built up but, you will start to notice a difference in how you feel and then how things come to you. You attract constantly so, why not attract positive energy instead of negative energy. Blessings.


Carolyn Shilt – Psychic Medium and Teacher of Psychic Development 292932_231176790260260_6757819_n



Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share an exerpt of a reading with a client today regarding their issues with dealing with negativity of others and relying on other peoples’ comments about you to create who you “think” you are.  I thank you all for reading! Wishing you many blessings! Marie

I can completely relate to what you are going through, and I went through the same. What I did pick up is maybe a lesson for you to be able to stand on your own two feet in spiritual strength. Ask yourself if it matters if all of the comments were negative comments? Does it matter if they were all positive comments? Usually we look to get recognition from others to reinforce we are right or wrong about something, but this is where we completely ignore what our inner voice or intuition is telling you. Sometimes it’s fine to listen to others’ comments, and can help you sort out your true feelings of agreeing or disagreeing with them. This is a spiritual road for everyone, kind of like a spring cleaning of your soul. It may feel very scary or confusing because at times we are overcome with negative emotions or feelings. They are supposed to resurface so you can examine what you are feeling and sort things out- like the spring cleaning example again. Is this negative feeling shirt something I want to put back in my soul closet, or give it away? There will be a lot more life lessons that will be bumpy on your path to enlightenment. What helped me was to exercise every day, meditate every day, and I noticed that what I ate changed my mental state. Negative thoughts were like a whisper to me and you will find the “real you” that you are searching for. I found that the fake sugar and the processed foods fluctuated my emotions immensely.

Everyone is on the path, it’s just different for everyone. So you are indeed on the path. Another suggestion because you are concentrating so internally, that maybe you can explore externally to give your mind something else to think about. It is in giving that you receive, and from my own experience of learning to give either my time, or to strangers, or doing readings for others answers the very same questions I was wondering about. I used to be the type that if there was a problem, I should sit down and brainstorm and think of all the different possible solutions. I have learned that this actually blocks the real answer from coming to you. I’ve explained this before to a client that it is like a tube of water. Force the water by squeezing the tube will prevent or block the flow of water. Stay still and hold the tube with support and faith, the water flows effortlessly.

Negative thoughts usually keep coming back from time to time, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s the process of moving to the next level of spirituality. Just keep going. I don’t know if this is you, but my mind used to fill me with doubt and fear when I started my spiritual awakening, for fear it will lose the control it has. If this resonates with you, maybe it could be the reason for you too. Just keep going. Be open to notice the signs from the universe that you are on the right track.

I hope this helped you in any way. I am also on the spiritual journey, but I remember when I was at the stage of confusion and feeling of being lost, and if I am on the right direction or not. Don’t worry and just understand it’s a process.

I wish you many blessings and clarity!