White light for divine guidance and protection. Then shuffle the cards or have the client shuffle the cards thinking of what they want information about. You can ask them what they would like for you to focus on or just see what the cards have to offer. Either way, the cards will give you the answers the client or you need.

The numbers above indicate the position you lay out the cards for this spread. Position 1 lay the cards out in the middle and place card 2 sideways across number 1. the rest are self explanatory.

Position 1. Is the situation at the present moment.

Position 2. What influences the situation good or bad.

Position 3. What definitely will happen regarding the situation

Position 4. What is leaving your life or the situation.

Position 5. What MIGHT happen depending on how the situation is handled.

Position 6. What will impact the situation. What is coming for you or the client.

Position 7. Fears about the situation or negative feelings.

Position 8. What other people think about the whole thing. Viewpoints or influences of others regarding the situation.

Position 9. Your feelings about this matter.

Position 10. The final outcome of the situation.



Besides looking at the pictures be aware of the colors in the cards. Red means lots of activity or sexual energy around the client. Black can mean death (but, NEVER say that to anyone) just tell them you see something they might want to have checked out by a doctor. Or it can mean things are very negative at this time around the situation. RED is passion or anger. BLACK is negative and can mean danger.

I am going to give you a homework assignment to get you started. I am going to be the client and I will tell you what cards I have drawn. My question is: What do you see regarding my career at this time?

Here are the cards I drew. Using these, I want you to use the spread above and see what you get regarding my question. I DO WANT YOUR FEEDBACK, TOO.

Position 1. Ace of Wands
Position 2. 9 of Wands
Position 3. 10 of Cups – reversed
Position 4. Queen of Pentacles
Position 5. Temperance
Position 6. 10 of Pentacles reversed
Position 7. 6 of Swords
Position 8. 5 of Swords
Position 9. 10 of Pentacles

Now when doing the reading, use your inner guidance as well. If you feel a certain thing in a card, go with it.

Blessings. Have fun with these. AND remember, after using the cards cleanse them with white light energy.



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The Major Arcana Cards. They trigger the subconscious mind setting off visions, impressions and unlock doors to great wisdom and understanding.

There r 21 major cards. As u look at the picture of each card, notice what u r the most drawn to in the card. Is the colors? Is it the expression on someone’s face? What r u most drawn to? And how do u feel when looking at that card? The number on the top of the card indicates the numerology and the description on the bottom denotes the meaning of the card. There is also astrological signs but, I am not good at that so, won’t try to go into it. When u get to the double digits add the numberrs together and u get the basic numerology of that card. ie: 12..1 + 2 = 3. so, use the meaning of the number 3.

Now get the major cards out and put them in numerical order. We will start with the first card for an explanation of each card. THESE R GOING TO BE VERY BRIEF EXPLANATIONS. As u look at them what do u “see’ in each card? THESE R THE MEANINGS right side up if reversed…just the opposite. DON’T post me to tell me these meaning r not in the book! I know some r not. this is MY interpretation. U may feel a card means something else…if so, go with ur meaning. Spirit is leading u. I am just kick starting u.

Major Cards –
0 – The fool – Danger. Watch where u r going and what u r doing.
1 – Self mastery, self control. Able to manifest that which is good.
2 – Intuitive. Has the ability to tap into themselves and the power to over come and change negative situations in their life.
3 – The Empress – She rules fertility. the sign of a birth of some kind. Can be a child or a new adventure.
4 – Emperor – Dominating and powerful.
5 – Hierophant – Conventional. Adheres to conformity. Par of the “Establishment”.
6 – The Lovers – Young love in all of its innocence and romance. Personal commitment to one another.
7 – The Chariot – Harnessing one’s energies and moving straight ahead. Victory.
8 – Strength – Overcoming obstacles.
9 – The Hermit – Go within and seek ur answers. Seek and u will find what u r looking for. Can represent a guide or guru. Enlightenment.
10 – Wheel of Fortune – Progress and growth. Everything passes. Destiny, completion.
11- Justice – Balance in all things.
12 – Hanged man – Postponed decisions. Bondage. upside down and unable to move forward do to their own making.
13 – Death – Could mean a physical death but, usually means rebirth of something for the better.
14 – Temperance – Avoid extremes. Use patience and take one step at a time.
15 – Devil – Self indulgence. There will be HELL to pay.
16 – The tower – Destruction, bankruptcy. Everything has caved in. Now it will begin to be built back up in a more positive manner.
17 – The star – aAll ur hopes and aspirations r now manifested for u.
18 – The moon – Represents the unknown. Mysterious, mystic.
19 – The sun – A golden opportunity. Bright and promising.
20 – Judgement – Second chance. Choose wisely.
21 – The world – Cosmic knowledge. The journey has ended. Completion of something well done.

Now use the cards!!! Exercise to get u started.

Light and love.


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Using the Ryder Waite cards are the easiest because there are so many books that depict the pictures on the cards. But, if u have something else, u can still use them.

THE MAJOR CARDS consist of 22 cards. These are karmic cards
THE MINOR CARDS consist of 56 cards. These tell of everyday life events.



Before reading ask for divine guidance to clear any negativity. Ask for the pure, holy golden white light of our Creator.


WAND/FIRE Business – personal growth Fair -light hair/ skin, eyes

CUPS/WATER Emotions,, marriage Medium – brown hair, hazel
colored eyes

SWORDS/AIR Struggles/power Gray hair/mature/olive skin

PENTACLES Money/security Dark skin tones/dark hair
dark eyes


1 New beginnings
2 Birth of something, cooperation, partnership
3 Solid, steadfast, safe, union
4 Squared away or foundation
5 Change or uncertainty
6 Stability, harmony
7 Spirituality, finding yourself or others looking for their spirituality
8 Karma, rebuilding
9 Endings
10 Starting over but, with god power help

PAGES Young man/woman or child messengers
KNIGHTS Young people, protectors, bring transition
QUEENS Adult women
KINGS Adult men

Now to learn these in a easy manner, take all of your minor arcana cards and starting with the aces separate them into 4’s. Put your 4 aces together. So, u would have the ace of cups, the ace of pentacles, the ace of wands and the ace of swords together. Do this with the 2’s in the deck…the 2 of cups, the 2 of pentacles, the two of wands and the 2 of swords etc. This will take a while to do but, it is very helpful in the long run. After separating them this way…look at what all aces represent…new beginnings. Think of its meaning. The cups would mean new beginnings of something emotional, then ace of wands….it would mean new beginnings of something regarding personal growth or business. Go thru them learn them by this method. (I only did a few and got the general idea). When learning the above meanings of the suits and the numbers, you are off and running. Practice with these cards. After studying them shuffle them and mix them up. Then do a reading with them and see what u have learned. A good spread to do for these as a beginner is past,present and future.

Shuffle the cards, then lay out 3 cards to represent past, present and future. Say u put down an ACE OF CUPS, a FOUR OF WANDS and a NINE OF SWORDS. Now reading them as past, present and future what would u get out of these?

I would read them as…the ace of cups…..in the past, because the first card represents the past and the card is 1 cups, the client started a new love relationship, in the present (4 wands), it brought personal growth and gave the person a strong foundation along with personal growth and 9 swords there will be no more need to struggle. See how easy it can be. Until next time…Light and love


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