Simple Quiet the Mind Visualization Meditation Exercise



Quieting the mind is a question that is most frequently asked. Everyone is unique and responds differently to various techniques.


Here’s a simple way to quiet the mind that I was given by my Guides and I’ve found effective with enough practice.

  • Sit or Lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes
  • Go into a calm and relaxed state with a few deep inhales and exhales
  • Visualize in your minds eye a figure or a bubble that is labeled “Mind” and there is a chain attaching yourself to the “Mind” (mine looks like a white blob balloon)
  • Envision yourself cutting the chain and freeing yourself from the “Mind”.
  • You may start to feel a difference like a lighter freeing feeling
  • Next visualize in your minds eye the words “Past” “Present Judgements” “Future”
  • Envision an eraser (I picture a blackboard eraser) and erase the word “Past” and erase the word “Future”.
  • Next erase the word “Judgements” but leave the word “Present”
  • Make the word “Present”- that should be the only word left – glow or shine brightly
  • Now sense if you feel a difference. Is your mind quiet? Did the mind chatter stop or lessen? If not, that is OK. It takes some practice and in time the visualizations will get easier. Your images of your visualization will become clearer. The mind will be more quiet each time you do the visualization / meditation. A suggestion would be to try this exercise daily and only takes about 5-10 minutes.


I would love to hear how you did! This works more effectively for those who are very good at visualization, or have more visual memory skills. For others it may take more time, but eventually you should be sensing a difference. I hope this helps you, and please like and share if you found this article useful, that it may reach others who may find this helpful too!

Thank you for finding this post and I thank the Guides for their help showing me this exercise to share with you all!

Sending love and light and positive energy your way!

Blessings- 333 – Marie

Marie Santos

Tarot Reader – Energy Healer –  Spiritual Guidance – Channeler

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I am delighted to share a meditation from one of my friends and mentors Carolyn Shilt. She has much experience and so much to share in Spiritual and Psychic development that I believe will help many people on their spiritual or psychic journey:



Meditation to Develop Psychic Abilities – Meet Your Guide/Angel


I have been asked many questions about how to develop ur psychic abilities and how to control them. Meditation is the key to developing control over ur psychic abilities and growing spiritually and psychically.
Passive – no action – Sit quietly relaxing.
Active – action. Guided imagery.


1. Choose a specific time to meditate everyday where u will not be disturbed. This helps set a time for u and ur guides to know exactly when u will be available. That way, they designate that time to u and u build a stronger vibrational connection.

2. Eat lightly before meditating.

3. NO DRINKING OR NO DRUGS should be taken before meditating or doing any psychic work. U can pull in negativity and demonic energy.

4. Do NOT meditate if u r distraught or ill.

5. Meditate in the same place daily as it builds ur vibration.

6. Always open ur meditation in a prayerful, serene state of being.

7. Ask for divine protection.

All nature meditates. The trees and the flowers go into some silence during some portion of the their yearly cycle. Usually, winter. This helps maintain balance in the world. This is called the Law of Cyclicity. So, it is natural for us to meditate.


1. Self growth
2. Health
3. Intuitive and spiritual development

Now for a short guided imagery meditation

Close ur eyes and begin relaxing. Taking some deep breaths in, know u r taking in positive energy. Exhale and release any and all negativity. Do this several times as u calm yourself and relax more and more. Now, ask for the pure, holy golden-white light of our Creator to be with u enclosing u in positive energy.

In ur mind, go to a place that u find peaceful and relaxing. Feel how good u feel and how the temperature is just perfect for u. Everything around u is good and u feel so safe and loved here.

Now as u look to the right of u, see someone walking towards u. This person is so kind u can feel the energy before they even get to u. Wave to them and invite them to come closer. As they do, u begin to see them clearer or feel them. Ask their name and now they r right in front of u. Ask what they r here for. Ask them to help u. Stay here and ask whatever u want and know u will hear their answers in ur mind. When u feel like u have what u need for today, simply thank them for coming and taking a couple deep breaths…open ur eyes and be back in the now. YOU have just met one of ur angel/guides. BLESSINGS


Carolyn Shilt – Psychic Medium and Teacher of Psychic Development 292932_231176790260260_6757819_n