gift-553139_960_720Birthdays and Holidays feel so bittersweet to me because I always recall spending these times with loved ones who have passed on and I always miss their physical presence.

Yesterday was my birthday and the night before, I was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror at 1:30 am talking to my grandmother and asking her to visit me in my dreams that night. I was sensing her presence that she will be with me on my birthday. Our loved ones are always with us, but my grandmother was confirming it to me that on that day she will be there! At that moment, my husband got up from sleeping off the couch to go to the bathroom where I was standing, and he said in a sleepy voice “Happy Birthday again” (he wished me Happy Birthday at midnight already) and gave me a hug. My claircognizance kicked in (which is the “knowing”) that the birthday wish and hug from my husband came from my grandmother!

I asked my husband how it felt when he said happy birthday to me just now, and he said that it just came to him without thinking. The first time he wished me happy birthday he had to consciously think about it. So I told him what I received as a message, that it was my grandmother who was wishing me happy birthday through him, and he got goosebumps which I learned from my friend Carolyn that they’re “truth bumps” when your soul knows the information is true! 

And I also got the way she woke him up was saying to him “Mr Ketchup, Mr Ketchup time to get up” – and it was her nickname for him when she was alive because he put ketchup on everything, even the traditional food they cooked which is very odd for my family to see! LOL! And he got goosebumps again!

I do get to speak to my grandmother regularly when I try to contact her, but that day was extra special.

When people experience something whether it be noticing coins, or playing a song, or a memory pop in your mind, and then right after you receive in your mind a connection to a loved one who has passed, have faith that this is your loved ones giving you signs that they are still with you and love you. What my guides explain to me is that our loved ones who pass on become pure energy so they have no voice to speak with us, so they use what they can which is their own energy to contact us. They give you the connection in your conscious mind of the two things: what you noticed and who is giving the message.

So for example next time you hear a song that had a connection with a person who had passed on either on the radio or played in your mind, then you thought of that person, your mind will try to convince you that it’s just coincidence. Instead have faith that your loved ones just wanted to say hello and that they know that you think of them.

Hope this article finds the people that need to hear it.

Love and Light -333







aura-884270_640Auras r an energy field that is around ur body. There many levels of auras U have a physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and soul age level that r the most important ones. Colors that r close around the head and shoulders reflect an individual’s state of consciousness. If the color appears around the body but, well away from it; it usually reflects the person’s life or environment.

To see an aura. Have someone sit in front of a wall that is painted in a light color like yellow, white, beige, gold in color. Have a lamp with its light shining on the wall close to where the person is sitting. Then have the person who is going to read the aura begin to stare at the top of the person’s head just around the crown. Just stare relaxing ur eyes like u r going to daydream. Ask the client to pretend they r breathing in positive energy and taking the air into their head to blow up their aura and make it bigger.

As the person who is going to read the aura stares at the spot right above the client’s head….have the client move quickly to the side while the reader remains focused on the sport where the client was. U will then see energy right above the client’s head. It will look very faint and remind u of when it is hot in the summer and u see the heat rising up off of the road. Just kind of wavy little energy.

As u look, ask what color u r seeing if u don’t see the color right away. U will telepathcially hear an answer in ur mind. AND u have just seen an aura.

Now here is a brief run down of what the colors mean in an aura. Be patient, this may take some time before u see the colors. But, u can always ask and get them. AND mine have always been very pale. I don’t see them real plainly. Just lightly.

GOLD – High level spiritually. Lots of spiritual wisdom.
SILVER – Idealistic, trustworthy, sincere.
WHITE – Pure and innocent. Clarity of motives, honest. balanced.
PURPLE – Spirituality, deep thinker. Prophet associated with psychic intuition.
BROWN – Practical and down to earth.
GRAY – Business like but worried. May be getting sick. Mental problems.
BLACK – Pressure, tension, injuries. Dark side and can ber manipulative.
OR – can be dying.
RED – Energetic, vitality ,strength, DARK RED – angry, hateful.
PINK – Sweet and loving.
ORANGE – Charismatic, courageous and may be facing some kind of challenge.
YELLOW – Has insight and is cheerful. Very perceptive. Associated with psychic vision.
GREEN – Growth, teaching ability, regeneration, healing and a new beginning after an illness. Plus DARK OR MURKY GREEN – jEALOUS.
BLUE – Sensitive to feelings. Caring and peaceful, harmony, calm. Or sad and feeling down. This color is also associated with psychic feelings…as in empathic.

These r the main colors in the aura. Hope this helps all of u. Blessings


Carolyn Shilt – Psychic Medium and Teacher of Psychic Development 292932_231176790260260_6757819_n


Thought for the Day – Energy and Thoughts – Law of Attraction

I am delighted to share another tip from one of my friends and mentors Carolyn Shilt. She has much experience and so much to share in Spiritual and Psychic development that I believe will help many people on their spiritual or psychic journey:



Thought for the Day – Energy and Thoughts – Law of Attraction


THOUGHT FOR THE DAYplasma-933577_640

IN THE FIELD OF ENERGY…LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE or disLIKE ATTRACTS disLIKE. So, if you have a bad situation going on in your life and you keep thinking about how bad it is…it will continue to BE bad. Because you are telling the universe that is what you expect.

Everything around you has energy in it…your thoughts are living things and they carry energy. Hating something….ties you to it! Change that by loving the things you have and being grateful for them. Every thought you have holds energy. Visualize perfect peace and harmony in your life. It may take a little time to change the energy field you have built up but, you will start to notice a difference in how you feel and then how things come to you. You attract constantly so, why not attract positive energy instead of negative energy. Blessings.


Carolyn Shilt – Psychic Medium and Teacher of Psychic Development 292932_231176790260260_6757819_n