conversation-799448_1280Hi Everyone- I hope this blog post is found by people who need to hear this. I have been experiencing this week incidents that people expect things of me that I do not feel drawn to or cannot provide or help. I felt cornered and accused and bullied. I felt pressured into doing what they expect me to do. In the past I would not listen to my intuition and regardless of how I felt, I would still do as expected, ending up feeling worse about myself. I am now understanding what feels comfortable to me to do and not do. I have lost friends because they have had expectations of me that I could not fulfill with both of us ending friendships. I have been crushed by ending relationships, but I had to be true to myself and what I feel drawn to helping and not. The same goes for myself that I cannot expect people to help if they are not drawn to helping me.

I went into meditation and channeling looking for answers from my guides, and I also consulted with a friend who is a fellow channeler. Through my guides I understood that this is a life lesson for both myself and the other person. It is a test to know myself and to understand my feelings regardless of how others judge me. To understand I was doing or not doing what is best for me. Also to understand that when I do ask other people for help and they do not, to respect their wishes as I have done to others. There is also an evolution of friends that do come and go that serve their purpose to us. Everything is in constant change and that includes friendships. Also if we are not drawn to help or participate, it could be that there is someone else that would be better suited for them that the Universe/God has set up. Everything happens for a reason in the best interest of all people involved. It is just the perspectives of the people that label things bad or good. I was also given advice from my friend she had felt that it was a push so I could be accustomed to rejection and being judged during my spiritual path and also profession. The profession chosen is not an easy road and will be full of people who judge and doubt she says.

Before channeling advice from guides, I would overthink and replay the scenarios over and over and what I could have done differently. This worked me up even more about the situation instead of accepting and letting go. I feel more at peace now with myself and I also would like to say to everyone that if you don’t feel good about helping someone, and it doesn’t feel right to you, it is OK to say no regardless of how they feel. How the other feels is merely a reaction to an expectation they have of you from their world. Some people will make you feel bad for your decisions. This is a test to know yourself and you will see even though it may feel bad to disappoint someone, it will also be a life lesson of your soul growth.

I wish you all much courage for standing your ground! I leave you with the Seven of Wands card that popped in my head and I do welcome any comments or feedback of your experiences or thoughts.

Wishing you much Blessings! Marie



Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share an exerpt of a reading with a client today regarding their issues with dealing with negativity of others and relying on other peoples’ comments about you to create who you “think” you are.  I thank you all for reading! Wishing you many blessings! Marie

I can completely relate to what you are going through, and I went through the same. What I did pick up is maybe a lesson for you to be able to stand on your own two feet in spiritual strength. Ask yourself if it matters if all of the comments were negative comments? Does it matter if they were all positive comments? Usually we look to get recognition from others to reinforce we are right or wrong about something, but this is where we completely ignore what our inner voice or intuition is telling you. Sometimes it’s fine to listen to others’ comments, and can help you sort out your true feelings of agreeing or disagreeing with them. This is a spiritual road for everyone, kind of like a spring cleaning of your soul. It may feel very scary or confusing because at times we are overcome with negative emotions or feelings. They are supposed to resurface so you can examine what you are feeling and sort things out- like the spring cleaning example again. Is this negative feeling shirt something I want to put back in my soul closet, or give it away? There will be a lot more life lessons that will be bumpy on your path to enlightenment. What helped me was to exercise every day, meditate every day, and I noticed that what I ate changed my mental state. Negative thoughts were like a whisper to me and you will find the “real you” that you are searching for. I found that the fake sugar and the processed foods fluctuated my emotions immensely.

Everyone is on the path, it’s just different for everyone. So you are indeed on the path. Another suggestion because you are concentrating so internally, that maybe you can explore externally to give your mind something else to think about. It is in giving that you receive, and from my own experience of learning to give either my time, or to strangers, or doing readings for others answers the very same questions I was wondering about. I used to be the type that if there was a problem, I should sit down and brainstorm and think of all the different possible solutions. I have learned that this actually blocks the real answer from coming to you. I’ve explained this before to a client that it is like a tube of water. Force the water by squeezing the tube will prevent or block the flow of water. Stay still and hold the tube with support and faith, the water flows effortlessly.

Negative thoughts usually keep coming back from time to time, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s the process of moving to the next level of spirituality. Just keep going. I don’t know if this is you, but my mind used to fill me with doubt and fear when I started my spiritual awakening, for fear it will lose the control it has. If this resonates with you, maybe it could be the reason for you too. Just keep going. Be open to notice the signs from the universe that you are on the right track.

I hope this helped you in any way. I am also on the spiritual journey, but I remember when I was at the stage of confusion and feeling of being lost, and if I am on the right direction or not. Don’t worry and just understand it’s a process.

I wish you many blessings and clarity!




Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share an exerpt of a reading with a client today that possibly some of you may identify with and help in some way. This is just my opinion on what I’ve read in the past that was repetitious for me which because my own personal belief, but I respect that not everyone believes the same. I thank you all for reading! Wishing you many blessings! Marie

“I sense your openness to let the universe/God guide you. And I picked up that because you have no expectations, you are letting the universe orchestrate what you want in life. Lots of people want to control or manipulate situations and timing, that they don’t realize that it creates further blocks to achieve what they want, and may not be the way they wanted it. Continue on this path. I’m reading right now “Soul DNA” and feel like I need to share the title with you. Maybe it was information you needed to know about Spirituality or life. I’ve read a lot of other books, and this one has most of what I’ve already read before. Universe Laws is what is jumping out for me to tell you. (Law of Expectation was one of them). Anyway if you do decide to read it, let me know, and I’d like to discuss and pick each other’s brains! LOL!”