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mystery-864714_960_720Thank you for your interest in learning to channel!

I no longer do public readings and am just offering to teach how to channel because my time is very limited with other work projects 

Why would someone want to learn to channel? I questioned the exact same thing when I first started! I have experienced life without hearing any messages and also life hearing messages. The only way I can describe it is someone who is a soldier or someone on a mission who has an earpiece from home base, and there’s a group of people who help guide this person throughout their mission. That’s as close as I can explain it! Who wouldn’t want an insider who can help navigate us through life? 🙂

Why me? Well, I would love for you to learn how to channel and choose any experienced channeler and I’d be so happy for you because it will connect you to a wonderful experience that is life changing! You will see the world totally differently and live and love more fully! Again why me? LOL! Well I am good at explaining at really laymen’s terms! And I can describe things very basically because for myself to learn something I need it relateably basic for me to understand. I’ve always been a good trainer and those who I have taught to channel have successfully channeled and had moments where they had their first message or feeling, to full paragraphs of channels! The deep writing isn’t how I write or speak. I don’t use those words normally so that’s a huge sign that I’m channeling and you will too! 🙂 I also find that there are not as many channelers who are offering to teach others, so I figure I should share my knowledge and experience to those who are interested in learning!

I offer 1 hour one-on-one sessions that are a go at your own pace. I do not pressure you to book more sessions. I trust in your intuition of how many sessions you need with me! 🙂 Also One on One sessions are ideal with an experienced channeler because the channeler helps energetically boost the abilities of the student resulting in better connection with higher vibrational messages.


In these sessions you will learn the following at your own pace. Please note that depending on the speed of learning, not all topics may not be covered in 1 session:

  • What is channeling?
  • Who can you contact during a channel?
  • Preparation to become a channeler
  • Different ways to channel
  • How to protect yourself during a channel
  • How to tell what is a real message
  • Walk you through a basic connection


 The price for 1 hour sessions are $60 USD. A deposit of $20 is requested to complete booking. Please fill out the contact form below to book a session. 

Blessings to you!

Marie 333


Marie Santos

Channeler – Energy Healer – Card Reader – Energy Artist






3 thoughts on “Learn to Channel

  1. Ashley March 30, 2016 / 2:51 am

    Hi I am at the end out of evey other method of getting clarity I’m a single mom and a lot goes on about that your insight may help me alot


    • turcos333 March 30, 2016 / 10:06 am

      Hi Ashley- thank you for contacting us and hope that we can help give you some clarity in your life. If you can provide your email, we will email you more info on booking a reading. Blessings!


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