Hi There!

I really hope that this website has been helpful so far!

I have created this healing grid below for everyone out there who needs any healing or help. This should help with any physical, emotional, or spiritual ailments as well as balancing chakras and also help with any life issues if the Universe/God permits me to help.

Here is a little word from the Collective Guides:

We are here dear Marie- thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak with you and all those who this healing grid will reach. We are the collective consciousness consisting of your guides, angels and other spirits that walk in the light. We have come here today to connect with you all through this grid and enhance the projection of healing that cannot be created by oneself.

Marie has facilitated an access for you to connect with us or your own guides, and to have a personal experience with the Divine versus the belief without the experience. We have come today to reassure you that there is no danger to this grid and nothing to fear. You are very safe dear one and our only means is to assist in your path in this lifetime and to ease any burden you may be experiencing.

We welcome you all with open arms and embrace your spirit, for what you have accomplished thus far is commendable. Your lifetime on earth has much rewards but yet with also much hard work to get to where you are presently. Know that you are loved and cherished and we invite you to connect with us today to experience the love that we are transmitting to you all. We send you all love and light from where we are and the reassurance that you are not alone in any of the difficulties you experience in this lifetime. As we tell Marie, to you we also say we are only a thought away…

How to use this healing grid:
1. Sit quietly and take 3 deep breaths, feeling more relaxed and heavier with each breath
2. Visualize yourself surrounded in white light of protection from the Creator
3. Set your intention to what you are asking help with
4. Place your left hand over the image of this grid to make the connection
5. You should feel a shift – usual sensations would be pressure in the chest, heart or head- hot/cold – this is normal and nothing to be afraid of!
6. You will eventually be feeling like you’re wrapped up in a warm hug!
7. Spend some time in this energy and you will sense when it is done
8. Thank the Creator (God) or your guides or angels or the Universe- whoever you feel connected to
9. You will feel the energy disconnect and u should feel lighter and more at peace and in less pain

Try it out and if this helped you in any way I’d love to read your comments below! Please give it a like and share!Ā I’d love it to reach and heal and help as many people as I can! šŸ’– Your comments will help me add more content that will be most helpful to everyone. Ā šŸ™‚

Hope everyone has a wonderful day full of healing and positive energy- Love and Light! Blessings! āœØ