Hi Everyone! Thank you for stumbling on this blog entry! I truly believe that Spirit piggybacks messages to multiple people. I will try to do at least one per day in the hopes that someone finds this tarot reading and in some way helps them to! It doesn’t matter when I did the reading. What matters is that for some reason you found it and you’re reading it right now! I wish you blessings from Above, peace and love! Marie






  •  Here is your full reading on your relationship with your fiancee. You are represented by the King of Wands which may signify that in the relationship you may tend to be the dominant and pushy one.

    In the past you’ve created a new beginning together, that possibly your previous relationships before were not the same and this person is different from all the rest of them. And also looks like in the past you have been colder to other relationships or maybe slow to open up possibly from past relationships closing you off. I feel that with this person, you can open up even more and let your guard down. The past also shows that you may have been very emotional in relationships and your emotions dictate the actions.

    At the present time you are either both giving to each other, or giving to other people. You both have a good nature about you and I feel that blesses this relationship and bonds it even more with generosity with others. In the future the reading shows of a journey and to take the risk and go for it. It is a good journey with a happy ending and celebration. So this is a great sign when engaged! You are a good match together and complement each other very well it seems. Maybe they are like your best friend like you’ve known them already.

    Your action card is the Judgement card that calls on you to reflect and realize what you have. I don’t know if it’s the dominant pushy part that maybe you need to reflect on and that will make the partnership more harmonious, but I feel you do have a good person and very happy for you! As long as you have Respect, Communication and Love for each other you’ll both be very happy together! Congrats!

    I hope this helps you  and it was a pleasure to read for you. I thank our guides for their messages for you- I wish you much happiness and love in the future! Blessings- Marie