Hi Everyone! Thank you for stumbling on this blog entry! I truly believe that Spirit piggybacks messages to multiple people. I will try to do at least one per day in the hopes that someone finds this tarot reading and in some way helps them to! It doesn’t matter when I did the reading. What matters is that for some reason you found it and you’re reading it right now! I wish you blessings from Above, peace and love! Marie






  •  This is a general reading so you will need to connect the messages to any area in your life.

    You are represented by the Queen of Cups (reversed) which may signify that you are moody and run by emotions.

    Your past looks like it was a happy or happier one than you are feeling right now. But at the present time, the reading shows that you do have blessings. But your emotions are clouding you to see it. Maybe you are going through a bump right now, because the reading is showing me that you are learning your lesson not to be taken advantage of or be a fool. This is a normal lesson in life and an important one for all of us. But there is something that you need to do- I feel like you do not have your emotions in check and that is the basis of all that’s happening around you.

    Your action card is the Two of Pentacles (reversed) which means that you need to get the emotions in order so you are able to get things done. That is your block it seems. As right now it feels like everything is up in the air and you have no control over your life. Get through this rough patch and you will see calmer waters ahead. I hope this helps you and I thank our guides for their messages for you- Blessings- Marie