Hi Everyone! Wanted to share another mini Angel Oracle reading for those that needed to hear this. The card I pulled is Friendship (reversed) which may mean that you are holding onto friendships that no longer serve you. You may get this feeling that things no longer feel that they fit or you may have less in common than you once had. Know that all friends are not meant to stay with you throughout this lifetime, and that they may come in and serve a purpose for you both, then the friendship may end. You and other people are also constantly evolving and now other things will gravitate to you including new friends and so will they. Appreciate the friendships, and if you are feeling that those friendships no longer serves you, do not feel guilty for letting them go. Just thank them in a prayer and bless them. You will find your path and so will they. I hope this helps some of you in your journey through spirituality- Wishing you strength and courage- Love and Light- Marie