Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share an exerpt of a reading with a client today that possibly some of you may identify with and help in some way. This is just my opinion on what I’ve read in the past that was repetitious for me which because my own personal belief, but I respect that not everyone believes the same. I thank you all for reading! Wishing you many blessings! Marie

“I sense your openness to let the universe/God guide you. And I picked up that because you have no expectations, you are letting the universe orchestrate what you want in life. Lots of people want to control or manipulate situations and timing, that they don’t realize that it creates further blocks to achieve what they want, and may not be the way they wanted it. Continue on this path. I’m reading right now “Soul DNA” and feel like I need to share the title with you. Maybe it was information you needed to know about Spirituality or life. I’ve read a lot of other books, and this one has most of what I’ve already read before. Universe Laws is what is jumping out for me to tell you. (Law of Expectation was one of them). Anyway if you do decide to read it, let me know, and I’d like to discuss and pick each other’s brains! LOL!”