person-690033_1280Hello Everyone and I hope this post finds you to all who need to hear this. I’ve been doing a lot of readings and there seems to be a repetition because there are many including myself at times in my life that get stuck in old patterns or old experiences that mold us unintentionally in a negative way. I’ve learned that all life experiences even though labeled “bad” experiences were all meant to happen. There are no coincidences. But these experiences tend to trap people or traumatize people, and rightly so. Some experiences are so painful that it is difficult to overcome. I do feel that we are given what we can handle, and even though it may not seem like it can be done, I look at my own past and what I’ve overcome already and know by faith from past experiences that this too can be overcome as well. We are meant to learn from past experiences to be the better version of ourselves. Sometimes past experiences make people close up, but this is the time to open yourself again. It could be a test of faith. It could be a test of strength. It could be a test of self love. Find out what this is, and clear yourself of this block. Our time on earth is precious, and I would like to extend a virtual hand and hold those who need it now. I send people energy healing of courage to be able to face your past experiences to free yourself and start your new chapter now! You are loved and special! I wish you all many Blessings!- Marie