Marie was born in Montreal Canada and is a professional Energy Healer, Channeler, Tarot Card Reader, and Energy Artist. She has been an energy healer since birth, a card reader for over 15 years,  experienced in mediumship, and has been channeling for 5 years.  Marie is no longer doing readings and she now coaches others how to read Tarot, how to Channel and Energy Art.  Her purpose is to help people tap into their intuition and encourage them to connect with their own spiritual abilities.


11813480_10207438715271404_3919993726072854299_nHi My name is Jill from the UK and I am a psychic empathic reader. I have had experience in reading for people with all different types of questions about their lives and I will include some of the feedback on here. I have been a late starter when it comes to realising I can read for others but nevertheless I love doing this and tend to heal spiritually either with the reading or separately if you want. I channel my Guides and Angels through to give messages or read the cards (tarot and angel oracle). I work a little with numerology and can read your pets if you need. I would love to read for anyone who needs guidance with their relationships/ work/home move/career/pets or family issues. The reading is tailor made for you and I am always caring, honest and respectful and never judge anyone. The messages given are from a higher source -not my own thoughts and I do not give health or legal advice.


292932_231176790260260_6757819_nCarolyn is a retired psychic teacher. She is a psychic medium and resides in USA


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