Hi Everyone! Thank you for stumbling on this blog entry! I’m testing this out to see if it works but I truly believe that Spirit piggybacks messages to multiple people. I will try to do at least one per day in the hopes that someone finds this tarot reading and in some way helps them to! It doesn’t matter when I did the reading. What matters is that for some reason you found it and you’re reading it right now! I wish you blessings from Above, peace and love! Marie


  • I’ve asked our guides for their help on what you need to know regarding you and your partner. I’ve drawn a 3 card spread: Eight of Swords, Ten of Swords (reversed) and Three of Swords (reversed):

    Right now you may be feeling trapped like there’s no solution or no way to fix things. The reading is saying that if you change your perspective, you will be able to see the situation differently. I do feel that your partner still cares for you. The cards also say this painful situation you are going through now is meant to happen as a life lesson to you for growth as a person. Do you know of anything that was done, that they have not known before and knows now or vice versa? I don’t see breakup, but I believe your relationship will be tested. I think you and your partner will overcome the obstacles, and the other challenge for you will be to move past the issues and look toward the future as a couple together.

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